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Hi stranger!
Welcome to my portfolio.

I'm a Content Creator & Copywriter based in Semarang

Some of my projects were created 
when I was in IS Creative Design & Brand Identity Agency.

Please, feel free to explore a featured selection of my work.

What I Do

Explore a featured selection of my work below.


Social Media Engagement & Outreach Strategy.

Social Media Analysis and Reporting.



Content research, Curation & Creation.


Develop, execute, and manage content strategies to attract companies' target audiences. They aim to increase company profitability by building brand loyalty and identifying ways to improve customer retention.

Content Planning

Social media plan & strategy

Content Calendar

Create a social calendar in advance to track and test the strategy, keep a track of upcoming posts and what's been posted also coordinate with cross-functional teams.

Content Creation

Creating visual directions for the graphic designers.


Content curation and copywriting

AtoZ Bar, Wine, Brasserie

It's a Bar, Wine, & Brasserie in Semarang. I handle their Social Media especially Instagram for 6 months.

The audience needs some content to upgrading their self.

So, I give them a fun fact content.

Bank Jateng

Handling Bank Jateng Social Media is such a big experience for me. I creating some content and also learning so many things about finances.

On this content I create a story about finance problem and ask the audience to give me the solution.

CitraLand BSB City

Spread awareness about Ciputra Property especially in BSB Ngaliyan, Semarang. I creating some educated content about the property such as this content.

Handpicked by Hend

An esthetic home materials store at Semarang. They work with several well-known architectures and this helps me a lot when creating their content.

Nissin Biscuit Indonesia

One of Nissin's sister companies is in Semarang, and I was trusted to handle their social media for more than a year.

Interactive content is important to keep in touch with the audience.

Tom's Home Supply

One of the home materials stores that I handle. They offer many products such as granite, paint, smart door lock, etc.

But as we know, social media is about selling products without the audience realise it.

So, I try to give them some tips and tricks.

Engagement and Outreach

Social media management & Community management.


Build connections with current and future audiences through live chats, interaction content, etc.


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